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Fine Home Consignements, a home decor and consignment store in Sarasota, Florida

What you should know

about consigning with

Fine Home Consignments.

What is consignment?

Consignment is an agreement with a retailer that will sell your goods at an agreed upon price. When sold, you get the selling price minus a percentage.

How do consignment stores work?

A consignment store, like Fine Home Consignments, puts your items in an attractive retail setting where lots of buyers can see them. The store prices items and does all the work of selling for you. When your item is sold, you get the selling price minus a percentage

What percentage do you keep?

The selling price is split 50/50. Half for you, half for us.

How do items get to your store?

Items may be brought to us or we can arrange to have your items picked up by one our trusted movers. The cost of moving depends on the size of items, distance and stairs.

What is accepted for consignment?

•  Contemporary Furniture

•  Home Accessories

•  Vintage Furniture and Accessories

•  Antiques

•   Jewelry

•  Sterling Silver

•  Clocks

•  China

•  Cut Crystal & Glassware

•  Lamps, Chandeliers & Light Fixtures

•  Sofas & Chairs In Excellent Condition

•  Rugs

•  Art Work

All items must be clean and in good repair (no chips, cracks, holes, tears, or stains). Furniture must be clean and structurally sound.

What don’t you take?

Among items we do not accept are:

•  Clothes

•  Electronics & home media

•  Infant or baby items

•  Mattresses, futons or bedding

•  Firearms and weapons

•  Sewing machines

•  Appliances

We do not accept upholstered furniture or rugs from homes with pets or smokers. We do not accept upholstered furniture with rips, odors, or stains. We do not accept furniture that is broken or missing parts.

How are prices set?

We will evaluate and price your item(s) based on age, style, quality and condition. We want to get the most that we can for your items. 

Any information about an item will be helpful in pricing. 

Do you ever buy items outright?

Yes, at the discretion of the store we can make you an offer to purchase your items. We can buy 1 item or an entire house. When we purchase your items, we pay the moving fee. You will make more if you consign, but if you don't want to wait for your items to sell and if you want to get paid immediately, selling your items to our store may be the best option.

Do you advertise?

Advertising for Fine Home Consignments includes newspapers and on line media, both producing high traffic. We do not advertise individual items, however all furniture, art work and decor are uploaded to Facebook and Pinterest. Pieces of particular quality, beauty or rarity may be featured on this website.

Do you sell online?

Yes. Items such as designer jewelry and handbags, antique silver, miniatures, vintage toys, rare books and Orientalia that are sought by collectors and connoiseurs around the world are offered on Etsy and/or Chairish. Visit our Etsy store and Chairish store for examples. Commissions and fees are deducted from the payout.

How long do you keep items for sale?

We keep items for a 90 day consignment period. The consigner is responsible for retrieving any unsold items at the end of the contract.

How am I paid?

Checks are ready on the 15th of the month following the month in which items sell. Checks may be picked up at the store.

Are my consignments protected?

We try our best to provide a secure environment for your merchandise. However, the items consigned remain your property and risk of loss until they sell or until the end of your contract. We do not insure your items. Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover your consignments for fire, theft, damage or other loss. For details, talk to your insurance agent.

What happens if my consignment does not sell?

Our space is limited. Unsold items must be picked up from our store within 14 days after your contract expires or they become property of Fine Home Consignments. Unclaimed items may be donated to charity in your name, and a receipt will be provided to you.

Is there a contract?

We require consignors to sign a contract. We keep items on consignment 90 days (approximately 3 months). Some items may require more time to find the best buyer. 

941 331-1411